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Nannie Home Health Care, Inc.

Nannie Home Health Care services in home care can covers a wide range of services.

Skilled Nursing

Licensed Nurses assess and monitor the patient's health-care needs, educate patients and caregivers and collaborate with the attending physicians to promote continuity of care. Some examples of nursing care provided in the home:

  • Medication management
  • Wound care
  • Post surgical care
  • Bowel and bladder management
  • Understanding a new disease process or diagnosis
  • Urinary catheter insertion/maintenance
  • Injections
  • Infusion therapy
  • Potential feedings and care

Physical Therapy

Through therapeutic exercise, balance activities and ambulation training, our physical therapists help patients regain functional mobility and gross motor skills. Physical Therapy can be an ideal home health care solution for patients with the following conditions:

  • Back Injuries
  • Cervical Injuries
  • Chronic Pain
  • Muscle Spasms/Strains
  • Muscle Strains
  • Sports injuries
  • Work-related Injuries

Speech Therapy

Our speech language pathologist's help patients regain their ability to produce and understand speech as well as facilitate communication skills. They also help patients manage swallowing disorders. Treatment usually includes but is not limited to:

  • Improving Cognitive Ability
  • Voice Disorder Treatment
  • Speech Articulation Training
  • Aural Rehabilitation
  • Coaching on Comprehension Skills
  • Dysphagia Treatment
  • Swallowing Exercises
  • Evaluation of Communication Skills
  • Assessment of Cognitive Skills

Occupational Therapy

Using fine motor, cognitive, perceptual and sensory exercises and tasks, our occupational therapists help patients regain daily living skills. The therapy includes but does not limit treatment in the following areas:

  • Range of Motion Exercises
  • Reeducation on activities of daily living (skills enhancement)
  • Massage Therapy
  • Pain Management
  • Home Safety Orientation
  • Assistance with daily living skills and activities
  • Balance Training
  • Body Mechanics
  • Learning to conserve energy
  • Assistance with exercise routines

Medical Social Workers

Medical Social Workers specialize in evaluating the social and emotional factors that affect the ill and disabled. They help patients and their families manage the stress that can be put on families and connect them with the necessary community resources available to them. Services can cover the following:

  • Health and Disease Education
  • Family Counseling, Parent coaching, Individual Therapy
  • Grief counseling or Bereavement Support
  • Memorial Service Arrangements
  • Hospital discharge assistance
  • Rehabilitation guidance and planning

Home Health Aides

Home Health Aides (HHA) assist patients in their completion of activities of daily living (ADL's) and personal care.  Some are specially trained and competent to deliver more complex services under the direction of a registered nurse. They can function as caregivers too. Our Home Health Aides are well-trained to provide the following services:

  • Prepare meals
  • Taking blood pressure
  • Taking temperature
  • Monitoring respiration and pulse rate
  • Mobility assistance
  • Making beds
  • Assisting patient with eating, transfers and personal hygiene

Additional Services

We offer a wide range of services to cater to the varying needs of our clients.  You can benefit from one or a combination of the following home health care programs:

  • Nutritional Services/Dietitian
  • Wound Care
  • Diabetes Care
  • Private Duty
  • Medical Equipment/DME
  • Pain Management
  • Pulse Oximetry & Arterial Blood Gas
  • Infusion Services
  • TeleHealth/Telemedicine
  • V.A.C. Therapy/Wound

Educational Services

  • Psychiatric Nursing Nutritional Services
  • Dietitian

Special Care Diagnosis

  • Skilled Nursing
  • Home Health Aide
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Medical Social Worker

Laboratory/DME Supplies